01/22 Update 44 preview

Hello my dear friends!

It’s that time of the week again, your dearest Anthony and Freeman are bringing you news about the game and the contents of the next patch!

The content of the patch are down below. Let’s get to the important things first! You dear players voted for 2 new gameplay elements to be added!

Cybertron, the cyber planet inhabited but robots and androids as well as the ability to obliterate a planet! I have posted progress on both of these on our social media, facebook.com/MultiverseVR and @MultiverseLLC on twitter!

But what else are we doing? Well we are working on V1 of the OPEN UNIVERSE conquest mode for example, Anthony (Hi!) has started to write dialogs for future NPCs!

You may remember we also named some buildings for a brand-new area together on Discord! (Https://discord.gg/GBHkyRA) This area is near completion; I can’t wait to share it with you all!

There are many more things coming that we won’t spoil just yet. And waifus. Waifus are coming.

Content of the next patch:
A ton of new VFX! New VFX for all of the Acid Spitter’s weapon cores, New VFX for all destruction/agony mods, a completely remade blackhole and the VFX for the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon (grenade launcher) weapon core has been remade as well!

Then new SFX! Explosion sounds, ship destruction sound, gun sounds, and more, even the gun’s bullet casings have a sound effect now!

Moreover, we listen and we’ll prove it once again! No more spawns after the boss of a level has died! Finished! And some bug fixes are on the way as well!

The mannequins will be temporarily removed from the store to be repaired as you all keep shooting at them for no apparent reason.

With all our love, Anthony and Freeman,
your best waifu and fluffy producer