06/24/2020 update 29

Hi EFAS players and followers:

We've got 4 huge news for this update! The first one is that the game no longer crashes when quitting! The second is that the in game pause is now a real pause!! The third one is that we are finally releasing the Interstellar Lord System (ILS)!!! And the last one is that because of the first 3 news we're having some issues with the version and we'll have to delay the update for 4 hours 

Right now the ILS is more like a prototype, there are a lot of issues, lots of assets are placeholders, the features aren't complete yet, etc. But we do believe that it doesn't make sense to keep everything internally until it's 100% polished, we want you to participate and give us feedback about what you like and dislike, we also want to give you the opportunity to share some awesome ideas with us while we are still working on the new features! So don't be shy, go wild with the feedback 
Tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival so we will be having fun for 3 days and go back to work on Sunday to start working on the next version~ But today's version is not out yet so, it is no time to think about holidays yet, right? Then let's go through this patch together!

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Alpha 29 - 2020/6/24 UTC 10:00 AM

Note: For better understanding, actives will now be called Skills and Enemy skills will now be called Affixes!

——Brand new features:
Interstellar Lord system
  • New Interstellar map;
  • Landing battles (Capture);
  • Related tutorial.

Note: Core gameplay (Rogue-like mode) is accessible through "Break Space Blockade" option and is now part of a bigger system.
  • New Velocirapterg;
  • New Crimson Velocirapterg;
  • New Poisonous Velocirapterg;
  • New Frosty Velocirapterg;
  • New Despiteful Logan (Boss);
  • New Adult Velocirapterg;
  • New Adult Crimson Velocirapterg;
  • New Adult Poisonous Velocirapterg;
  • New Adult Frosty Velocirapterg.

  • New Guided Missiles FX;
  • New Shield overheat FX;
  • New near-death screen FX.

Pause - A real pause where enemies really stop shooting at you!

——Improvements and changes:
Player Abilities
  • Eternal Gloves has a new animation;
  • Glitter has a new animation.

  • |The Nano Refiner drop can now be of any following rarity: shabby, common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary;
  • The Nano Upgrade Interface drop can now be of any following rarity: shabby, common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and masterwork;
  • The Nano Refiner can now only refine equipment of same of inferior rarity;
  • The Nano Upgrade Interface can now only upgrade equipment of same or inferior rarity.

Bumper - Bumpers force has been increased;

Nanobucks - Changed to loot (auto pick up).

——Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when quitting, yes finally, we did it!!!! (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where Heracles FX would not disappear (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where the loot chests would not open (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where defeating the boss would some times not drop a loot chest (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where Fortune levels would some times not spawn loot chests (Players Feedback*).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.