War fields

This is where you command your army and try to claim victory over a hostile faction's army or settlement. There are two types of War Fields: Planetary Surface War Fields, and Space War Fields.

Each War Field supports up to 1000 combat units, so it's truly a massive battlefield that's a wonder to behold. To prevail, not only do you need to strategize and command your armies to take down key enemy targets, but you also need to stay on your toes and engage your enemies directly with your own weapons.

You can bring various combat units, vehicles, and field-deployable structures into each War Field. A few examples of structure you can bring are turrets, field helipads and watch towers (so you can climb atop and snipe from afar).

Small Fights

When you explore locations of interest, or are exploring the universe without bringing your army along (because that's expensive), you will occasionally encounter all kinds of hostile humans, aliens, and everything in between.

These fights are short and straightforward, but by no means easy. Occasionally you encounter elite creatures with multiple affixes, who can be overwhelmingly powerful. That's why it's important to look for better pieces of equipment so you become stronger and more effective in combat.


These are somewhat similar to Small Fights, but fought on larger maps, and has multiple stages, usually culminating with a boss fight at the end.

Each dungeon is a real challenge, but holds the promise of large amounts of powerful loot if you can prevail.

They are usually the stuff of legend, and their whereabouts are a mystery. But if you pay attention to rumors and hearsay in remote towns on the outskirts of the known galaxy, you might just figure out a concrete space coordinate.