Reviews (ALPHA 51)*

Alpha 55 will launch on 06/25/2021

Alpha 54 was released on 06/11/2021

Alpha 53 was released on 05/28/2021

Alpha 52 was released on 05/14/2021

Alpha 51 was released on 04/30/2021


Every update we ask players to voluntarily review the game in general as well as other

key points (Loading times, AI, Graphics, Art direction, Multiplayer...).

We decided to share the result of the general review of each update with everyone!


Every update we ask our backers who have played to voluntarily review the game in general, as well as give opinions on important aspects of the game (AI, graphics, stability, UI, networking, etc.)

No rewards were offered for filling in the questionnaire.


Collecting player feedback is critical in guiding us build the right game, and build it in a way that players will love.


In the spirit of transparency, we've decided to share the results of the general satisfaction question (how likely are you to recommend EFAS to a friend?) of each Alpha release with everyone, to help with making the decision to become a backer!


Every response is included. No response was removed.



(For the latest Alpha version)


-Really engaging, the roguelike mode has crazy potential, performance is great.


-Its a great idea! When executed properly it will be able to match if not exceed the likes of Mount and Blade


-The game has LOADS of potential. I had a lot of fun with it in the 2-3 hours i've played it so far. I do feel very limited, but as I stumbled through the menus, I discovered I could "upgrade" my character. It needs some direction - a tutorial/training area, a better (prettier) UI to navigate, a controls list, etc.. My main issues lie within the gameplay environment. The monsters/enemies have a very very quiet sound. The weapons they fire, impacts, explosions from grenades, movement, and even the idle sounds they make are wayyy to quiet. I can understand not wanting a mess of noises, but being able to hear where something is coming from is essential imo. The lottery machine in the market area is also busted, if you have more than 2k you can just spam it and end up with an infinite amount of money.


-The core gameplay elements are there, but there's definitely a lot of optimization and 'touch ups' to be done yet.


-I enjoyed the action, gunplay, and sound design


-still in early development.


-The devs are responsive, and the potential for the game is through the roof. The gameplay, though under construction, is smooth and enjoyable.


-It's fun


-conquest is still unplayable, all enemies are level 100 and kill you in 2 hits and there are hundreds of them and only you and 20 npcs that die quickly


-Its kinda fun, lil buggy and unfinished but its an alpha so its fine


-great game play


-not even beta and it's already a good game, you can only go up from here


-potential of the game is huge


-Has great potential and is fully CO-OP


-Generic Roguelike, while i enjoy a roguelike as much as the next guy, it would be best if you include more of a....purpose in what the player is doing beyond "hey shoot stuff and get stronger"


-I'm hoping Ultra Wide support will be in the future! 21:9


-Haven't played a whole lot yet


-Great concept and I love the frequent updates, but the game is currently unpolished and not recommendable as the gameplay is not ready.


-I enjoy


-the game runs well and has a good flow in battles, but there are a couple improvements that would make the game better as a whole


-a bugged risk of rain 2, was fun, but see high potentail when its not bugged


-It looks promising but you still have a long ways to go. I love the ideas behind the game and would recommend it if it was finished/polished


-Roguelike is one of the most thrilling experiences, even more so with friends. It has that fast pace that can work well with teams, I personally got to rank 6 and wanted to try this with someone.


-Lots of action, But the start up is quite confusing (like how to summon an army in conquest)


-Its confusing alone but with friends its not as lonely


-Its got potential but there doesnt seem to be a tutorial or explanation on how to play the game. And the first planet i went to i got wrecked easy


-I enjoy the game


-It's fast paced and entertaining but lacks different maps and more diverse talent tree.


-It still has a long way to go and definitely needs polish before I fully recommend to my friends. However that being said I can see the direction it will take and I like what I'm seeing so far.


-Cannot recommend until finished product


-The game's concept and aesthetic are pretty fantastic. Although it needs a little polishing, the gameplay is quite fun, it's expected of an Early Access game. EFAS shows some excellent potential!


-still in alpha. doesn't run well on my computer, but it seems like it'll be great when its more fleshed out (i'll still continue to play it and learn the game, but in its current state its difficult to recommend to others)


-it's a good game but not many of my friends play alphas and with parts being unimplemented or crash upon trying to play like conquest they wouldn't have the patience for it


-Big potential, work in progress


-No tutorial for conquest mode


-its a good game, with excellent developer support and a bright future


-i have a lot of friends who are into borderlands, destiny games like this one so im sure they would like it


-Bad optimization, content not too original, no tutorials, no controls customization.










(For previous alpha versions)



-it is fun, well polished and has all the aspects to make a great game. Is not perfect, no but that is totally fine because that means it has lots of room to grow and become even better


-i like it


-It reminds me of my old quake team arena days


-still needs work but has a lot of potential


-Cool Idea of Gameplay


-well right now it need work alot like grafic and game play


-Lots of fun :)


-I think the loot drops of weapons, mods, and skills need to be more abundant when going through a playthrough instead of just money drops from regular enemies. The game play though, is a lot of fun and I cant wait to see how this gets fleshed out. I didn't understand the conquest mode, but I'm sure that's not developed enough yet. All in all, its really fun, just needs more loot drops in my book.


-while the game lacks substance at the moment and is very buggy, i think it has great potential to become a really really great game


-the game is still very much lacking in gameplay, controls don't feel as clean as they should, the game itself needs a bit of cleaning. I know vague, sorry, it's 4 am


-I'm a huge fan of roguelikes, the environmensts are so beautiful and it can only be more fun with friends


-Great fun and looking pretty shiny.


-great game so far, besides the annoying bugs and whatnot.


-Feels Mediocre right now


-Fluid fights, kind of like a fps bullet hell. I feel like it needs a bit more optimisation before i can truly recoment it


-super fun gameplay great concept and fun theme


-Repetitive, lack of engagement.


-As of right now and due to many other companies delivering broken promised hard to recommend a unfinished game


-Seems fun. Gun drift while firing seems completely f'in ridiculous. Only way to aim is to repeatedly hit the mouse button to fire one at a time. Holding down the button after the third bullet comes out you're looking straight at the sky even if you try to correct while firing.


-It's not ready yet


-the game is fun, and interesting but as of right now since it is in beta it is repettative, and there isnt much time to relax .


-the game has a great concept and so far its fun. buggy and laggy as it is. ITs an alpha but shows alot of promise!


-Ran into a bug later on in roguelite that made my invincible. Didn't find out until I knew i got hit but didn't take damage.


-As far as recommending this game I really cant in its current state. The roguelike mode is ok at best in its current form and the conquest just straight up don't work. seems like an asset flip gone wrong


-there nothing they makes this game stand out compared to other games that are out now.


-There is huge potential here, the rogue like mode doesnt seem very rogue like or at least its not obvious on how its a rogue like, yes i kill things till i die and then do it again, but i feel like im starting from scratch when i play it, dont know if something hasnt been implemented yet or if thats how it is but still fun. the conquest mode i think i saw a post from you guys saying thats basically a testing phase so im going to wait to play more of that because handling the ships was really weird to me.


-No instructions on how to play


-I enjoy the energy and pace of the game, very fast paced, love it!


-This is the type of game I've been wanting to play with friends for years


-I like the combat and the RPG aspect.


-Greatly enjoy the idea behind the game and the concept, I hope to continue seeing it grow


-Still VERY early dev version. not even remotely finished yet. promising bones though, and my response is likely to change in the future


-Fun horde mode


-the physics engine doesnt feel that great, no way to change graphics settings apart from the "standard" settings, can only play on low, but it automaticaly drags down the resolution so far, that i cant read perks properly


-because its still in Alpha


-I have no idea what is going on.


-Game looks like it has real potential and I want my friends to play along side.


-great fun


-Due to extreme lack of features currently, understandably you're still working on the game so this will change in the future :)


-still in work. im just trying to help because it looks like it can be a good game


-its amazing


-not fleshed out yet


-The bones of the game look great! I can't play it due to major control issues (see below) though.


-i deffo think the game has potential


-the game still needs work. nothing really stands out from any other game. game still feel rough. but I think over time you can make this a great game. just needs more work. checkout games like outriders and destiny 2 look what makes them great and what's missing and add what's missing. the idea of going to other planets is great feel like eve online but a little more to it. if you build on that then this game is going to be great.


-The game has potential, a lot, i want to see it developed fully


-The concept is fresh and distinct, something that this genre really needs.


-Its still in production and as of right now its more of a meh for me


-Great potential but still pretty raw.


-It has potential, but is very early access.


-the game is fun and interesting with great potential, but at this current state it is a little bit confusing and poorly optimized


-Its just too "early" and un-polished


-its come a long way ive started coding in unity and its not easy to get even half of what you guys have done im impressed with how much you guys are doing and how fast you fix the bugs.


-I like the game and it has consistently gotten better in a clear way.


-game is alot of fun and the gameplay loop is addicting but it seems a bit short on content right now


-Need a way to control background music. also need a way to make it windowed mode.


-a lot of potential


-seems like a fun game and a good concept


-i see great potential in this game


-Very well done for alpha


-The game is enjoyable and I know you are Alpha. I'll continue to play ad watch for updates.


-The game has a massive amount of potential. I really enjoy the core gameplay mechanics and scale of the game. There are some things to polish but as a closed alpha game it is quite well done.



We would like to thank our players for backing the development of Earth From Another Sun, and taking the time to give us feedback. EFAS will not be nearly as good without your help.


Let's keep making it better.