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EFAS Paramour's pack

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Paramour's Pack

Get immediate permanent access to the game and start playing the Alpha right away. Become the envy of the universe with exclusive digital items only a backer could possess.

 This pack Includes :

✔ Activation Key
✔ Immediate Game Access
✔ Arbiter Title
✔ Arbiter Profile Frame
✔ Your name in the credits
✔ Digital Art Book
✔ Digital OST
 Tigress Velocibike
♔ Barbara, Fierce Combatant
 Phoenix Velocibike
 Kharon's Scythe Spaceship
 Kharon's Kraken Spaceship
 Kharon's Javelin Rifle
 Kharon's Menace Tank
♔ Athena, Warrior Queen

Note: all of the digital items above are for backers only, and are not available to the general public. Digital items are cosmetic in nature and may have small functionalities that don't alter the balance of the game. They will be delivered at a later date.
All the above in-game items will be tradable on the game's Auction House.