01/08 Update 43 preview


This update looks light in content but we are in fact laying the foundations of the conquest mode !Conquest features only make sense as a whole, and while some are ready, we are still working on improving and ironing the defining features that will drop all at once in a massive patch.

This patch will be high in polish however!

To start of this year well we decided to fix as many bugs as possible to go into 2021 with solid foundations!

The bugs causing the damage imbalance are being relentlessly tracked by our QA tester and we are starting to see some encouraging progress! While it is not fully fixed yet it will be very soon. And many other bugs have been fixed for the next patch as we wish to give you the most pleasing experience.

After patch 42 you chose the “mecha planet” as the next function to be implemented for patch 44 as it is a task necessitating more time. While you will not be able to visit it in patch 43, I have released images of it being modelized on our social media accounts, to allow you to monitor our progress.

On top of the bug fixes and the ground work for Alpha 44 and Conquest, we will implement new animations for our primate soldiers, a blur background feature to allow better readability in the menus and a benchmark!

Anthony and Freeman,

Your lightning fast community manager and dependable producer.