01/08 update 43

Lots of bug fixes and ironing for this patch as we focus on bringing you the core features of Conquest by March!

-- New Features:
New Simian Sage animation; (GO)
New Simian Tryhard animation;(BACK)
New Simian Kamikaze animation;(2MONKE)
The background will now be blurred when using menus to provide better readability;
New Benchmark accessible from the main menu. (Time to flex!)

-- Improvement and optimization:
Conquest Mode - "Giant in the Plain" Accessible from the main menu again;
Balance has been tweaked (player feedback *).

-- Bug fixes:
[Fixed] Certain mods damage output were abnormally high (420) (player feedback *); (The issue is not completely resolved and the damage going out of control is still a possibility, more adjustments coming in future patches)
[Fixed] Survival Treasure Chests could drop on players and prevent their movements (What are you doing step-chest?) (player feedback *)
[Fixed]The result screen sometimes did not appear after a conquest battle was over (player feedback *).
[Fixed] When refining a weapon, weapon cores attribute would display wrong values (player feedback *)
[Fixed] Rare weapons could become legendary when refined once (player feedback *)
[Fixed] Enhancing weapons sometimes displayed incorrect information (player feedback *)
[Fixed] Fireworks effect glitch when winning the lottery 1st prize
[Fixed] The player model would hold a gun while dancing after winning the lottery 1st prize
[Fixed] DPS would increase when weapons were exchanged several times (player feedback *)
[Fixed] Weapons without a weapon core could have weapon core bonuses (player feedback *)
[Fixed] The option to continue the game would appear when selecting the roguelike mode after entering Conquest Mode (player feedback *).
[Fixed] Refining a weapon displayed wrong information (player feedback *).
[Fixed] The jet-pack talent could bug, causing players to hover and never land (Peter Pan) (player feedback *)
[Fixed] Some text UI elements appeared in another language than the one selected (player feedback *)
[Fixed] Backpack is full after each replacement (player feedback *)
[Fixed] Using dope prevented players from recycling items (player feedback *)

*Player feedback means the bug / feature has been spotted/requested by players