03/19/2021 Update 48 The missing link

Hello everyone!

We did not upload a log for update 47 as it mainly contained performance improvements and new conquest files that are not accessible yet. (And also I forgot  )

Conquest is advancing behind the scenes and I will try to give an ETA on Friday for the usual update preview.

So what is new in this update?

  • We changed the model for Famas soldiers and Famas nurses (Base units as well as bosses using a variant of the model. Some players felt they were too close to other scifi franchises, tho others like the nostalgia of the models. We might bring them back as optional skins in the future.

  • Recycle will now work on the controller (this was done as a ploy to make controller players use the superior mouse and keyboard and totally not a bug)

  • You already stopped reading this

  • There was a chance when entering a new level, that it would already be filled with radioactive dust killing you in less time than a reflect enemy, seriously I hate this bull

  • The size of the feedback button has been reduce but size doesn't matter, 
     my mom told me so.

  • The SMG right click should be less flashy

  • A bottle of oil

  • 2 sponges and some raviolis

Check out our reddit post! https://www.reddit.com/r/Unity3D/comments/m8f42j/earth_from_another_sun_development_progress_1/
it got plenty upvotes!
See you next time!