03/30/2021 Update 49: 1000 AI!!!!!!!!!

We're releasing the patch a little early as we needed to fix a nasty bug!

  • We've added a scene so you can fight against 1000 enemy AIs!
  • We fixed a bug where the lighting in the Mars survival level was... let's say unbearable

Those are the only things we've added in the patch BUT we did much more!

Here is the breakdown of last week!


March 22nd, 2021

Working on numerical design of Encounter battles.

Working on improving the design of chance events.

Working on the game loop design document of sandbox universe v2. (95%)

Working on an improved player equipment design for the sandbox universe. (75%)

Completed the Cloud Palaces city weapon shop lighting and ceiling deco.

Working on improving the performance of the Cloud Palaces city brothel.

Working on making better trees for the Cloud Palaces city.

Completed the new login system for multiplayer.

Fixed a sandbox universe data synchronization bug.

Working on adding Encounter battles to the sandbox universe.

Fixed a bug where ship repairs are free of charge.

Fixed a bug where merchandise in the trading UI are dulicated.

Working on army management UI. (70%)

Working on improving UI performance.

Working on separating control logic and visuals for the player controller. (60%)

Fixed a bug where town NPCs are horizontal.

Fixed a bug in the army management UI saving and loading data.

Working on implementing procedurally generated NPC models.

Completed several new animations for town NPCs.

Added entry UI for chance events and Encounter battles.

Improved our continuous integration processes and scripts.

March 23rd, 2021
Completed the design of numerous new chance events.

Working on improving planet and planet orbit radii.

Added the high performance Pem Jumper into the playable build.

Updated numerical design of Encounter battles.

Added a designer-adjustable turn angle limits to town NPC heads.

Completed chance events UI and logic.

Completed ship cabin and combat unit trading.

Working on equipment UI for the sandbox universe. (10%)

Completed the integration of different people's code for chance events.

Working on integration of Encounter battles. (80%)

Working on integration of loot and chests in Enounter battles. (80%)

Working on an UI to change server IP before entering the sandbox universe. (10%)

Working on re-encoding textures for better resource management.

Completed lighting of the Cloud Palaces city item shop.

Completed lighting of the Cloud Palaces city pub.

Optimized models of the Cloud Palaces city brothel.

Improved the Encounter entry point vfx.

Completed several new female dance animations for town NPCs.

Completed separating player controller logic and visuals.

Working on improving the Space Territory web page, so you can grab your very own territory in space!

March 24th, 2021
We had a discussion on networking architecture implementation details.

Updated Encounter battles numerical design (including stages, loot, enemies).

Had an all-hands meeting about the design of Sandbox Universe v2.

Updated and tested the planet sizes and their orbit sizes.

Working on adding the Pem Jumper high performance combat unit to the playable build.

Re-encoding all textures into a format that takes less disk space (with the aim to save at least 50GB of space on each developer's PC).

Working on having the acid spitter support ECS events, for better performance.

Completed a game loop design diagram of the Sandbox Universe v2.

Working on an improved design of the player equipment system.

Optimized numerous 3D models to improve the performance of the Cloud Palaces city.

Tested and debugged the chance events feature (still a localization issue left).

Smoothed the camera movement in the Sandbox Universe.

Added a UI for changing server IP address to the main menu.

Fixed an issue where the player might disconnect from the server.

Added several War Elephant hit and fly on hit animations.

Refactored PlayerController scripts to separate logic and visualization of the player controller.

Working on server player limit, and removing player on disconnection from server.

Tested and debugged Encounter battles and the loot chests within.

Working on changing fleet ship appearance according to player's color and emblem.

March 25th, 2021

Added the high performance Pem Jumper unit into the Grasslands War Field.

Completed writing a short player survey, to be added to a near future version of the game.

Working on Encounter battles numerical design.

Working on a new vfx resources management system.

Had a discussion on networking architecture improvement. Studied Unity's MLAPI framework.

Added several improved animations to the Elephant combat unit.

Working on separating existing sandbox universe modules so they can be re-implemented using a peer to peer networking architecture. (20%)

Completed a survey functionality in the main menu of the game.

Working on a recruit-a-friend page on our website. (20%)

Completed the design of the recruit-a-friend page.

Added decals to the Cloud Palaces city environment, and optimized its performance.

Adjusted light probes and trying to bake lightmaps for Cloud Palaces again.

Fixed a bug where bullets are invisible in the Grassland War Field.

Fixed a bug where the bi-pedal mech's missile skill cannot be used.

Completed auto-adjusting fleet ship color and emblem according to player's settings in the main menu.

Working on precedually generated NPCs.

Updated the core game loop diagram.

March 26th, 2021

Broke down the entire Sandbox Universe v2 design into specific tasks for the team (168 in total!). Because breaking down a large, challenging goal into small, actionable goals is the way to get things done.

Collected a number of chance events written by our players. Participation and quality is higher than we imagined! Thank you so much!
Our community is so awesome, and it makes us love and enjoy our work that much more!

Working on breaking down the specific networking tasks for the Sandbox Universe v2. (40%)

Fixed a bug in user account display.

Fixed a bug where the player can still move while enter chat text.

Balanced numerical design and difficulty of War Field battles.

Completed a new VFX management system. Added new acid spitter vfx to the project and fixed a related bug.

Working on a recruit-a-friend feature on our website. (70%)

Fixed a bug where the SMG cannot hurt enemies from far away.

Working on fixing a bug where the player gets instantly killed in War Field battles (due to bullets moving way too fast).

Improved AI performance (by reducing the frequency of navmesh carve calculations).

Improved AI performance (by remove the kinematic rigidbodies on combat units, and putting them inside a shared container).

Working on fixing a bug where the giant mech's cannon shells are not properly returned to their object pool (causing a memory leak).

Improved some war elephant (Mastodon) hit-and-fly animations, and completed a few Mastodon on-hit animations.

Created a new plum tree 3D asset and added it to the Cloud Palaces city environment.

Adjusted emblem placement on fleet ships.

Added a new mouse pointer.

Working on procedually generated town NPCs.

Completed a environment asset management tool (dev tool for improving production efficiency).

Love you, stay safe, buy bread when you come back,

The multiverse team.