04/16/2021 Update 50 Conqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest

My dear conquerors it is finally here!
The first iteration of conquest!!!!
We are excited and scared to share this with everyone! Let's just jump into the changes!

General changes
  • Conquest test became Test scenes
  • Space test scene temporarily removed
  • Certain scenes have new BGM!
  • New font!

Conquest mode!
  • Playable now with up to 4 simultaneous players!
  • Spaceship travel through the Milky way!
  • Adventure events! (text adventures, somewhat broken)
  • Live the dream and be a space garbage collector! Find the treasures of old civilization to pay your bills!
  • All planets are conquerable. Once conquered your flag will be used as the planet's icon. Oh, btw...
  • Change your fleet's emblem and colors!
  • All planets can be explored! Visit shops, recruit more soldiers, buy ships and supplies, and sell the items you found!
  • Shops are managed by NPCs!
  • Manage your fleet and its resource consumption!

Bug Fixes
  • The benchmark will not crash (as often)
  • Fixed a few issues that would lead to a crash, the game should be more stable

There we go! We eagerly await all your feedback on all this, It's going to be a great weekend, come blast us or compliment us on discord.gg/EFAS !

We love you,

Anthony and Freeman.


V50 hotfix#1
-Game no longer crashes on alt+F4
-The startup popup is now can now be closed normally
-The "talk" interaction box should now disappear when in the dialog/buying/selling interface
-Infinite upgrade might be fixed (UI had an issue)
-Feedback form

Not fixed yet:
-Food logic (you spawn with almost none in the reserve and lose soldiers very quickly due to that(not paused in cities)
-Crashing when starting conquest (although it should occur less)
-Getting stuck in orbit
-Crash on exploring/capturing