04/24/2020 Update 24

Hi EFAS players and followers:

Today's update is going to be amazing! Ever hoped your mom was Bulma and that she could create capsules for you? Then you can stop hoping, because we've got 2 new turrets that pop out of nowhere and fight for you while triggering your standard/special attacks effects! But that's not it... Now mods cannot be stacked anymore! While fighting and deconstructing stuff you will get brand new materials, and you can use them to upgrade your mods and actives. So be carefull when you pick stuff up, mods and actives stats will also increase as you level it up! We've also got an active that lets you temporary disable enemies skills! I know that you wanted that for some time already~

Anyway, that's only part of it! What about we stop talking and get to the point? Then let's go through this patch note together!


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Alpha 24 - 2020/4/24 UTC 6:00 - 7:00 AM

Important Notice: Mods cannot be stacked anymore, they have a level and can be upgraded!

——Brand new features:
Enemies (Single and multiplayer)
  • New FAMAS Simian Pet;
  • New FAMAS Simian Sage;
  • New FAMAS Simian Tryhard;
  • New FAMAS Simian Kamikaze;
  • New FAMAS Mutated Simian Pet;
  • New FAMAS Mutated Simian Sage;
  • New FAMAS Mutated Simian Tryhard;
  • New FAMAS Mutated Simian Kamikaze;
  • New BOSS: Brilliant Jill.

  • Silence: Disable enemies skills;
  • Portable Sentry Gun Turret: A turret that deal damages and triggers your standard attack effects;
  • Portable Rail Gun Turret: A turret that deal damages and triggers your special attack effects;

  • New material system;
  • Materials can now be dropped by enemies;
  • Materials can now be obtained while deconstructing.

Upgrade System
  • New upgrade system;
  • Upgrades can be performed through an Upgrade Machine that can be found in the Eleven Seven and will also randomly appear in battle areas;
  • Materials can be used to upgrade Mods and Actives (Weapons upgrade is yet to be done).

Enemy skills - Chains: create links to nearby enemies that deal damages;

Rank Objective - A new survival objective will be added and will randomly replace current energy bar + boss fight objective (Players Feedback*);

Mods - 2 versions of the same mod can now have different secondary stats (Players Feedback*);

Loot - New 3D models;

Settings - V-sync option is now available (Players Feedback*).

——Improvements and changes:
  • Modified Deployable Shield logic;
  • Modified Throwing Potion logic;
  • Modified Ultimate Grenades logic;
  • Modified Energy Shock logic;
  • Modified Luck Field logic;
  • Modified Potion logic.

  • Replaced FAMAS Commando animations;
  • Replaced FAMAS Scout animations;
  • Replaced FAMAS Shock troop animations;
  • Replaced FAMAS Enforcer animations;
  • Replaced FAMAS Holly Tree Captain animations;
  • Replaced FAMAS Magic Eye Captain animations;
  • Replaced FAMAS Execution Captain animations;
  • Replaced FAMAS Guard Captain animations;
  • Enemies with shield will now see their shield recover after a certain duration without being damaged (Players Feedback*).

  • Reduced the lags and unwanted long duration during loading screen (Players Feedback*);
  • Reduced Video Memory usage (Players Feedback*).

Mods - Modified Devastation logic (Players Feedback*);

Multiplayer - Optimized networking under LAN circumstance (Players Feedback*);

Eleven Seven - Mods duplication machine has been removed;

NanoBucks - Now need to be close enough to pick up.

——Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where no enemies would be spawned (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where changing graphic settings would eventually end up in the application being unresponsive (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where Destruction mod FX would not appear immediately (Players Feedback*).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.