05/29/2020 Update 27

Hi EFAS players and followers:

After a lot of balancing and tuning, we're back with a new update full of new content! The spider type enemies have been revamped and a brand new cobra type enemy (I hope you will like its look ) has been added. I can tell you that the fight are getting more and more interesting with these new units! We also released the Event system for English users, but sadly most of the translation is yet to be done, at the moment you can at least know the consequences of your choices, and if you have interesting ideas about what kind of content would fit this event system feel free to share these ideas with us! Let's go and look into this patch note together!

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Alpha 27 - 2020/05/29 UTC 6:00 AM

——Brand new features:
  • Crimson Spider;
  • Golden Spider;
  • Blue-Star Spider;
  • Spi-ger;
  • Nagging Carlo;
  • Adult Crimson Spider;
  • Adult Golden Spider;
  • Adult Blue-Star Spider;
  • Adult Spi-ger;
  • Cobra;
  • Saber tail Cobra;
  • Pseudocobra;
  • Climber Cobra;
  • Rambling Haman;
  • King of Cobra;
  • King of Saber tail Cobra;
  • King of Pseudocobra;
  • King of Climber Cobra.

  • New common chest;
  • New epic chest.

Upgrade - Weapons can now be upgraded;

Active - Dope (Consumable: Speed Increase);

Events - Events are now available in English (most of the text is still to be translated but at least the choices and the rewards are there!).

——Improvements and changes:
Actives & Mod
  • Deployable Shield logic modifications;
  • Ultimate Grenades logic modification;
  • Quick Punch logic modification.

Weapon exchange interface - Now directly replaces current weapon for quicker interaction (Players Feedback*);

Rank Map - Now completely shows the complete map (Players Feedback*);

Optimization - Increased particle density in High and Highest quality settings;

Rank 1 - The scene for the first rank is now random.

  • Reduced turrets stats;
  • Modified last boss rate (Trogleuth and Heracles);
  • Changed balancing so that upgrade and refining becomes easier;
  • Removed potions from Eleven Seven;
  • Fixed Nagging Carlo projectiles number issue;
  • Fortune levels now have an Epic Chest;
  • Other chests have been replaced by chests containing actives.

——Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the eggs fired by Nagging Carlo couldn't be destroyed before hatching (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where the grenade notification would not function properly (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where the Refining interface would sometimes appear on top of other interfaces (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where the Missile turret damage would be higher than expected (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where after completing the game the record would not be saved in the Leader-board (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where restarting the game would make the Survival Mode entrance disappear (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to assign a new weapon mod in the new slot unlocked after refining a weapon to the max rarity (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where there would be no enemies after the rank 100 in survival mode (Players Feedback*).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.