05/29/2021 Update 53: The breakup

Roguelike and conquest are now separated into 2 exes

Hello conquerors, how is it going? We are bringing a lot of improvements based on your feedback today!

New features

  • You can now change your input settings in the settings menu (finally!)
  • You will now be able to move your fleet using WASD. Holding the left mouse button will also work, no need to click a million times now!
  • Space stations can now be used to purchase fuel, food, discuss with NPC... (The current background is a placeholder, we have an artist creating a background and custom buildings as we speak.)
  • Victory screens have been added to allow you to understand your earnings and loss more clearly
  • We've extended the power level indicator to planets and space stations
  • For clearer navigation, we've added a radar function to your ships. Fate encounters, trash, space stations and combat zones will only appear within your range. (Planets will still appear outside of your radar range.)
  • We've also took the liberty to add a Holographic Unidirectional Display to your ship. It will showcase your destination to help navigation
  • You can now login using your email address, no need to remember your username
  • Ships movement will be more fluid
  • When starting conquest you will now have the ability to choose your fleet emblem
  • Trashing items will now be easier
  • The hit effects on city shields have been polished
  • Space pirates have fixed their ships and can now move around and attack you
  • The talents have received some love

  • Conquest multiplayer should now work
  • Conquest should now normally start when clicked
  • Ships should no longer get stuck in orbit
  • menus should not overlap anymore
  • Fuel and food are not stackable past the limit anymore
  • We've made improvements that we hope will prevent the game from loading indefinitely on startup.
  • As some enemies believed they were too strong and would to easily beat you they decided to downgrade some of their forces to allow you to progress (balance changes)