07/10/2020 update 30

Hi EFAS players and followers:

While some people are having hard time with their exams, we're like conquering the Galaxy. Seems legit, right? Today's update mainly features a big update to our Galactic Conquest System (used to be called the Interstellar Lord System, you better get used to names changing every week ), but we've also lots of new awesome BGMs for the game, you'll see, the list is pretty long, and there is also a remake version of the Theridon, now called Colossus, could be called Elephant though but yeah! Enough blah-blah let's go through this version's content!

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Alpha 30 - 2020/07/10

——Brand new features:
Galactic Conquest System
  • Replaced galaxy by the Solar System;
  • New unit recruitment feature (Available through planets UI);
  • New resource consumption function (Fuel, ammunition, etc.).

  • New Iron-Eater Colossus;
  • New Gold-Eater Colossus;
  • New Father of the Colossi;
  • New Mother of the Colossi;
  • New Last Son of the Colossi;
  • New Patriarch of the Colossi;
  • New Last Daugther of the Colossi.

Talent tree - New talent tree which will replace the old DNA system;

Weapons - Pistol, Shotgun and Bow now also have recoil (crosshair upward offset).

——Improvements and changes:
Galactic Conquest System
  • Changed name to Galactic Conquest System;
  • Improved the look of the Galaxy Map;
  • Improved the interface of the Planet interactions;
  • Improved the look of the spaceship and its controls;
  • Changed the look of AI spaceships;
  • Failing in Capture or space battles will now make the spaceship unable to fly temporarily (or some fees can be payed);
  • Failing in Capture or space battles now has a small chance to give back some units/ships to your backpack.

  • Main Menu music has been changed;
  • Galaxy Map music has been changed;
  • Eleven 7 music has been changed;
  • Atacama Amsterdam music has been changed;
  • Atacama Litai District music has been changed;
  • Special experiment: Desperate battle zone music has been changed;
  • Floating Heaven music has been changed;
  • Mars Ruins music has been changed;
  • Xeno Snowfield music has been changed;
  • Galegler Enclave music has been changed;
  • Viceroyalty Front Area music has been changed.

  • Player shield damage sound has been changed;
  • Player health damage sound has been changed;
  • Player death damage sound has been changed.

Blockade Map - Reduced the probability of the same battle scene to appear again;

Battle Blockade - Difficulty now depends on the planet (rank count from 6 to 18);

Inventory - Hovering skills now shows a tip explaining that the skills can be drag'n dropped to change the order;

Capture - HUD now displays current objective;

Currency - 2 different modes currencies are now the same;

UI - Optimized information display for Mods, Weapon mods and skills.

——Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where weapons couldn't be upgraded (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where there would be huge performance issues after upgrading items (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where Interstellar Lord system data save would easily have issues (Players Feedback*).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.