07/30/2019 Update 6

Hi EFAS players and followers:

Another two weeks have passed and we've got a lot of feedback from all of you. We read it all and even made modifications according to it! This friday another update will be live and if you want the game to get better and better and to get your ideas into the game, then we welcome you to participate in the Alpha 6 test. Small bugs, new ideas, we want to hear all of your honest opinions on the game. So right now, I'm going to announce the next version's content!


Alpha 6 - 2019/08/02
Temporary changelog:

——Brand new features:
Enemies - Elites now have random skills:
Arcanist: Summons traps that fire rotating beams;
Illusionist: Creates clones that don't deal any damages;
Enemies - New spider type enemy;
Enemies - New spider type Boss;
Settings - Settings will now be displayed during first launch and have been added to the main menu; (Players Feedback*)
New Energy Recovery Chip: Passive, after using a weapon chip, energy recovery speed increased for 15s;
New Energy Conversion Chip: Active, consumes shield to recover energy;
New Quick Activation Chip: Active, activates first active chip without consuming energy;
New Auto-Defense Device Chip: Active, automatically attacks nerby enemies for a certain duration.

——Improvements and changes:
Changed Adrenaline Chip: Whenever a Potion is consumed, maximum health and damages are permanently increased;
Changed Dash Capacity Upgrade Chip: Reduces the energy used when dashing;
Changed Large Caliber Rounds Chip: Now an active chip, instantly refill current weapon clip and increases clip damages;
Changed Noisy Chip: Now also increases accuracy;
Changed Unlimited Power Chip: Now consumes shield in place of health;
Changed Lethal Magazine Chip: Now changes pistol to full-automatic weapon.
Dash now consumes energy, dash bar removed;
Improved game fluidity (Players Feedback*)
Changed Active chips, energy and other interfaces (Players Feedback*);
Optimized X-15 Harpy (smg) firing performances (Players Feedback*);
Improved feeling for melee attacks (Players Feedback*).

——Bug fixes:
Fixed an issue where the player would be unable to pick up chips for the rest of the game (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where changing area or killing ACC would make the game crash (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the backpack would not open (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where miss-clicking would consume energy, use the chip but nothing happens (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the HUD will display decimal values for ammunition number;
Fixed several other issues.

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.
**More improvements and fixes will be added to the list above on the day of the release.