08/07 Update 32 preview; New UI and tanks

Hi EFAS players and followers:

Our work on the landing battles is progressing smoothly and next week you (and the enemies too) will be able to drive tanks and shoot at anything in sight (because that's what a Tank is for, right?). Meanwhile, our artists were pretty angry, and they were constantly saying that the Galactic Conquest System interfaces were ugly (weird right? I mean our devs have quite a good sense of art I think... ), so yeah they worked hard on a new design and you will be able to see it (partly) implemented in game! Last but not least, there will be a new option for holding Shift for running, I know that you were a lot to ask for this feature, so here you go! So, let's stop talking and let's have a look at next week preview!

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Alpha 32 - 2020/08/07 UTC 12:00 PM
Temporary changelog:

——Brand new features:
  • New enemy Tanks;
  • New enemies victory celebration animation.

  • New vehicle system;
  • New controllable Tank.

Controls - Hold shift to run (Players Feedback*).

——Improvements and changes:
Galactic Conquest System
  • New Trading interface art (Players Feedback*);
  • New Recruiting interface art (Players Feedback*).

Battle Interface
  • HUD optimization;
  • Damaged and shield screen effect optimization (Players Feedback*).

Particle FX - Changed Acid Spitter, Grenade Launcher, SMG, Black Hole and Eternal Gloves FX;

Controller - Reduced the jittering when rotating the camera;

Balancing - Reduced the early game difficulty (Players Feedback*).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.
**More improvements and fixes will be added to the list above on the day of the release.