08/07 Update 32: Vehicles and Galactic Conquest 3.0!

Hi EFAS players and followers:

So I was playing with our new tanks and hoverbikes, to be honest I would prefer piloting a Gundam but this is for a later update, but anyway, having vehicles on the battlefield definitely changes a lot (we've got flying units almost ready too!!!), I believe that you will also have loads of fun~ (Note: this is a Capture mode only feature!). The Galactic Conquest System is finally looking great and some new features have been added, even if there is still a long way until this mode is complete, it's starting to feel like I might have a chance to conquer the Galaxy with my fleet/troops (/Gundams?). Enough blah-blah let's get right into this patch note!

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Alpha 32 - 2020/08/07 UTC 12:00 PM

For better understanding of the game content, Nanobucks and Gold are now Starbuck, Starbuck is now the generic in game currency.

——Brand new features:
  • New vehicle system (E to enter, Hold E to exit);
  • New controllable Tank;
  • New controllable Hoverbike.

Galactic Conquest System
  • New features: Political Investment, Economic Investment and Social Welfare Investment;
  • New feature: Hotel;
  • New Trading interface art (Players Feedback*);
  • New Recruiting interface art (Players Feedback*);
  • Revamp of the menu interactions.

Enemies - New enemy Tanks;

BGMs - There are now fade in/fade out functions.

——Improvements and changes:
Battle Interface
  • HUD optimization;
  • Damaged and shield screen effect optimization (Players Feedback*).

  • Reduced the early game difficulty (Players Feedback*);
  • GCS: More balanced dynamic merchandise prices (Players Feedback*).

Particle FX - Changed Acid Spitter and Bullet Storm FX.

——Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would abruptly move to some unpredictable places after a frame-drop (Players Feedback*).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.