08/22/2019 Update 7

Hi EFAS players and followers:

First of all, we are terribly sorry that this version was delayed up to today and I hope you can understand that, even if the programmers worked really hard to repair it, a lot of new functions promised before have not been added to this version in order to make the game experience better. But!!! (Setting up a flag here...) the next version will definitely have more content update than ever! So right now, I'm going to announce this version's content!


Alpha 7 - 2019/08/22

——Brand new features:
Enemies - New random skill "Thorned": Cycling skill, while activated will deal continuous damages to players inside a certain radius;
Chips - Deleting chips inside of the backpacks now costs NanoBucks.

——Improvements and changes:
Environment - The Grand Canyon has been vastly expanded;
Chips - Changed Life Support System: Now recovers health on enemy kill;
Leaderboard - Changed to total duration of the run;
Gameflow - Game now ends when completing level 20;
Balancing: Difficulty curve of the game has been modified (Players Feedback*);
Changed randomization calculations.

——Bug fixes:
Fixed an issue where the Stun Grenade will not work, enemies will still move after being hitted (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where Add Injury To Insult chip values will not stack (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where Armor Break damages will be way too high (Players Feedback*).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.

PS: We are aware of new performance issues. To be sure that all of the players can still play the game, and that everyone can play again previous versions, new old branches has been created with previous alpha builds!