08/27/2019 Update 8

i EFAS players and followers:

It's finally here, a new big update with a lot of content! For the ones that love to farm, a new survival mode has been added. This version contains a lot of new features and changes, so we welcome all of you to share your feedback (may it be new ideas or bug reports). You can use our feedback function in game or join our discord channel to share all of that with us. So right now, I'm going to announce this version's content!


Alpha 8 - 2019/08/30

——Brand new features:
New DNA system (Players Feedback*);
New survival mode (Players Feedback*).

Guided Missiles: Locks the enemies and fires a volley of guided missiles;
Energy Shock: Projects an energy shock blowing nearest enemies into the air;
Knight's Belt: Melee attacks inflict area damages;
Luck Field: Increases activation chances of other chips.

Enemy skills
Shielding: Cycling skill, while activated will negate all damages received;
Reflect Dmg: Cycling skill, when damaged, will inflict back a certain amount of damages to the player;
Teleporter: Will randomly teleport to nearby positions.

Environment - New Pem Wormhole (Players Feedback*);
Level - New Boss Level: Trogleuth;
UI - New Buff/Debuff icons displayed on the HUD (Players Feedback*);
Controls - Left and Right now can trigger running animation;
Leaderboard - Leaderboards are now archived for every season (version).

——Improvements and changes:
Anti-Personnel Rounds:Now an active chip;
Armor-Piercing Round:Now an active chip;
Special Grip: Now also increases chips playing speed;
Deployable Shield: Is now attached to the player (Players Feedback*);
Gun Shield: Health bonus is now replaced by shield bonus.

UI - Improved chips, tools and weapons information display (Players Feedback*);
Balancing - Difficulty curve of the game has been modified (Players Feedback*);
Performances - Optimised game frame-rate and frame-drops (Players Feedback*);
Radiation Blanket - Increased visibility when the radiation blanket is active (Players Feedback*);
Mad Michael - He got an Auto-Defense Device and will not fire anymore.

——Bug fixes:
Fixed an issue where the Deployable Shield would not block Locilus bullets (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where Armor Break damage increases would be way to high (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where some chips would have a white square as sprite (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where restarting the game would not reset the game timer (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the username in game would not be updated after being changed in the platform (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the skybox would be black in Low and Mid quality (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the countdown would not be stopped when in the Feedback Menu (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the ACC melee attack would not inflict any damages (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the 20th (and last) level wasn't generating any enemies (Players Feedback*).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.