09/04 Update 34 preview: New store, enemies, perf. optimisation and lots of polishing!

Hi EFAS players and followers:

We've finally got a preview of next week update for you, and it's a big one! Full rework of the Eleven Seven, new enemies, NPC dialogues, new weapon module, lots of polishing, better controller support, balancing and some pretty awesome performance optimisation (less frame-drops and improved loading time). So I guess it's best for you to have a look at next week update content!

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Alpha 34 - 2020/09/04 UTC 6:00 AM
Temporary changelog:

——Brand new features:
  • Poison doctor;
  • Pharmacist;
  • Warrior Goddess;
  • Caring Martha;
  • Elite Nurse;
  • Elite Poison doctor;
  • Elite Pharmacist;
  • Elite Warrior Goddess;
  • Last Daughter of the Colossi.

  • Added Armor movement sounds;
  • Added additional shield UI display;
  • Running, jumping, being hit, shooting and dashing now make the camera vibrate.

  • Result interface now display experience and level;
  • Input display now shows the button image instead of just text.

Environment - New Eleven Seven (Not a pile of cubes without textures anymore!);

Galaxy Conquest - You can now discuss with some NPC;

Weapon - New Shotgun core: Plasma shrapnels;

Controller - Added SMG controller vibrations;

Altar - Altars now have a real 3D model;

——Improvements and changes:
  • Changed Pistol Caliber Upgrade module animation and sounds;
  • Changed weapons crosshair logic and display;
  • Changed SMG special attack animation, particle FX and sounds.

  • Improved multiplayer connection quality;
  • Improved multiplayer connection stability.

  • Enemies health bar are now longer;
  • Changed enemies grenades particle FX;
  • Changed Mad Michael model size.

Controls - Improved the switching between keyboard and controller;

Gold - Replaced gold drop model;

Loot - Loot now fly to the lower part of the screen instead of the middle of the screen for better game experience;

Rank Map - Improved UI display for better understanding of current progression;

Performances - Reduced memory usage.

  • Reduced the initial difficulty and increased the later difficulty (enemy HP / shield / attack value);
  • Reduced the enemies' hit rate;
  • Temporarily disabled Hammer drop;
  • Increased the consumption of materials for upgrading and refining;
  • Reduced the amount of materials dropped by common monsters;
  • Modified the drop rate of free upgrades and refiners;
  • Temporarily disabled jump pads;
  • All tower maps are adjusted back to 18 levels;
  • Diversified distribution of monsters among the different environments;
  • Reduce the number of enemies;
  • Normal levels have a chance to enter boss level.

——Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the HP and Shield value weren't correct when starting a game (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of Talents were sometimes different than expected (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where after doing some manipulations while in the replace abilities interface would make the weapon unable to fire (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where after completing a level, while in the Rank map you would still be able to hear last level countdown sounds (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases replacing an ability might create a clone of it (Players Feedback*).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.
**More improvements and fixes will be added to the list above on the day of the release.