09/13/2019 Update 9

Hi EFAS players and followers:
As promised in the last news announcement, this update should fix most of the issues that have been encountered. Our development has worked hard to make this game more optimized and fixed quite a few issues. Please take a look at the logs below to get an idea of what has been updated. To our friends that celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, we hope you have a lovely festival!
Alpha 9 - 2019/09/13

——Brand new features:
Stores now have DNA Upgrade Panels;
Rest level added, will now be accessible after every level.
System - Added Medal function, which can increase the number of DNA obtained at the end of levels;
Chips - Added basic chip attributes, you can now receive attribute additions when picking up chips (player feedback*);
Weapons - Weapons now have two new rarities;
Enemy knockdown ragdoll has been added to several enemies;
Bosses will now have environmental special effects (Player Feedback*).
Player - Players will now be knocked back by grenades;
Sounds - Environment sounds and HUD sounds have been added.

——Improvements and changes:
Weapons are no longer active cards, they are now individual items that can be picked up (with no ammo limit);
Shotguns effects have been redone.
Special effects
Optimization of the games overall special effects;
Optimization of radiation dust special effect, no longer obscuring the player's vision (player feedback*).
Items within "Shop" change as game progresses;
Optimized drop chance.
Portal - Added an interactive button, press and hold to enter next level (player feedback*);
Balancing - Difficulty curve of the game has been modified (player feedback*);
Chips - Adjusted drop rate (player feedback*);
Enemies - Optimized damage text display;
Optimization - Game has now been optimized, player can now enjoy a smoother experience with fewer stutters (player feedback*).

——Bug fixes:
Fixed an issue where player was pushed out of the map as they stood under the dying Trogleuth. (player feedback*) ;
Fixed an issue where players are unable to reach portal, after they defeated the Trogleuth. (player feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the Eternal glove item had no effect on the Trogleuth. (player feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the Trogleuth projectiles were causing stutters. (player feedback*);
Fixed an issue where players crossbows display incorrect numbers for critical damage. (player feedback*);
Fixed damage balancing. (player feedback*);
Fixed Underground Cave terrain issues causing ACC or MadMike to fall through the map and die (player feedback*);
Fixed an issue where boxes could not be opened and did not display an open prompt (player feedback*);
Fixed an issue where a part of the sky darkened in the Canyon Scenario (player feedback*);
Fixed an issue where Hitlin Boss spawns under map (player feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the shotgun didn't crit correctly (player feedback*);
Fixed an issue where insects didn't return to their correct pathing after falling (player feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the flashlight didn't work correctly (player feedback*);
Fixed an issue with the stores chip replicators. (player feedback*).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.