09/18 Update 35: Roguelike mode rework, planetary makeover and more!

Hi EFAS players and followers:

I cannot believe it, some of you did not have the chance to fight Heracles in his new boss area? We need to fix that right now! In this version Heracles will also appear and two runs were played to completion prior to the release so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck this time around, you can just jump right in! Without further ado, let’s discover what this update brings!

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Alpha 35 - 2020/09/18 UTC 6:00 AM

——Brand new features:
  • Running into other spaceships in Conquest mode now opens a new interaction interface (discuss, fight, negotiate or trade);
  • The game will now display the experience gained during a run after either defeating the last boss or losing;
  • Chest can now be opened by damaging them
  • Resources now have a pick up sound effect
  • Bumpers now have a 3D model as well as particle FX;

——Improvements and changes:
  • The map selection screen between each stage (Roguelike mode and Blockade) has been removed for better gameplay fluidity. Now, the roguelike mode and the blockade battles consist of a loop where after 2 Battle stages (slight chance of bonus fortune stage), you’ll reach a Survival stage, and finally a Store. Completing this loop twice will trigger a boss fight, defeating 3 bosses will break the blockade/finish the run;
  • The stage Floating Heaven’s art direction and Level Design have been altered and improved upon;
  • Improved weapons crosshair effects;
  • Fixed some controller sensitivity issues;
  • Optimized online network synchronization to make frame rate smoother when lag occurs;
  • The AI now uses less resources.

——Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where using Tab while upgrading interface would reopen the backpack and unlock player movements (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where there were still Hammer (removed weapon) related attributes in the Passives attributes of items (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed an issue where the random Boss level would always be Trogleuth and never Heracles (Players Feedback*).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.