09/27/2019 Update 10

Hi EFAS players and followers:
We promised new weapons, chips and fixes. Hopefully this update will sate the appetite for additional content! We've added an effect to let you know when the boss enters an arena, enemies will also be spawned with the boss. As well as a new weapon upgrading system and new card upgrading system. You can refer to the content below for a more in depth look at this updates content. We hope you survive long enough to enjoy all the updates in this update! 😈
Alpha 10 - 2019/09/27

——Brand new features:
New boss entry special effect;
Enemies will be spawned during boss fight.
New Weapon Enhancement System (player feedback);
Additional Weapon: Juggernaut (player feedback);
Additional Weapon: Spitting Cobra (player feedback);
Additional Weapon: Onager (player feedback);

Chips: Added Card Enhancement system (player feedback);
Jetpack: Added Jet Pack function;
Enemies: Added "Wingus" enemy to the game (player feedback);

——Improvements and changes:
Basic attributes and chip attributes;
Optimized for improved player experience (player feedback*);
Boss: Optimized Red Moon effect (player feedback*);
Nano Bucks: Nano Bucks are increased with level rank (player feedback*);
Performance: Performance and stutter fixes to optimize game (player feedback*);

——Bug fixes:
Fixed super slow death animation, after the trogleuth was killed by players equipped with muscle contraction chip (player feedback*);
Fixed the problem with damage stats for reflective damage affix damage as they were too high (player feedback*);
Fixed the problem where players that loaded up an existing playthrough would have less HP than they should have (player feedback*);
Fixed the problem where a line on the right side of Skybox appeared when BOSS fight triggered the Red Moon effect. (player feedback);
Fixed the problem where the prompt range for ACC Simian Kamikaze was too small (player feedback);
Fixed the problem where boxes were difficult to open (player feedback);

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.