10/18/2019 Update 11

Hi EFAS players and followers:

Hi guys, so this weeks updates are ready, however there have been a few issues with the build, we are currently fixing it, however we don't want to keep you waiting. There will be another patch tomorrow, fixing these issues. Please update the game once more tomorrow in order for fixes to take effect, but for now have a look at this weeks update:

If you're like me, you've probably gotten a bit tired of the pre-existing chips in the game. This update we have added quite a few new cards to open up some new play styles I bet you wouldn't have even thought of, as well as a secondary firing mode for some of our weapons and if that's not enough firepower to tickle your fancy, we've added an additional slot for a second weapon. Lets take a closer look at this build updates!
Alpha 11 - 2019/10/18

——Brand new features:
Boss - Bosses will now have affixes;

Added "Blitz" chip;
Added "Flash" chip;
Added "Blitz Revenge" chip;
Added "Double Flash"chip;
Added "Bouncing Lightning" chip;
Added "Lightning Storm" chip;
Added "Lightning Burst" chip;
Added "SMG Specialist“ chip;
Added "Caliber Upgrade" chip.
Added background music;
Added melee sound effects.
Added additional slot for a second weapon;
Added a weapon module slot function in backpack;
Added a secondary fire function for pistol (triggered with right click);
Added a secondary fire function for SMGs (triggered with right click).
Added "Brachium Sector Seven" Scene

——Improvements and changes:
Optimized Juggernaut reticle;
Optimized Spitting Cobra reticle;
Optimized the handling of the pistol;
Optimized the handling of SMGs;
Added new names for different weapons.
Theridon - Optimized Attack mode
Balancing - Difficulty curve of the game has been modified (Players Feedback*);
Performances - Optimised game frame-rate and frame-drops (Players Feedback*).

——Bug fixes:
Fixed an issue where missiles got stuck mid-launch (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where DNA points fell into the negatives infinitely (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the Assegai weapon could not trigger the energy recovery chip (Players Feedback);
Fixed the Spitting Cobra, Juggernaut and Grenades had no effect on Spider boss projectiles (Players Feedback);
Fixed an issue where normal enemies had affixes (Players Feedback);
Fixed an issue where the ammo counter displayed incorrect amounts (Players Feedback);
Fixed the issue where effect times were not displayed correctly (Players Feedback).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.