10/30 Update 38, The feedback window will work, please let my wife and kid go

Alpha 38 - 2020/10/30 UTC 6:00 AM

WASSUP GAMERZ? Here is the new PP (patch preview)! Come on our discord! https://discord.gg/br3VWUt

Who's exited for the cringy patch note video I'll do? Enough about me PATCH NOTE BEGIIIIN

——Brand new features:

Conquest mode

  • objective for Giant in the plains was changed to destroy the six feet of the huge mecha;

  • New charge order animation (F1);

  • New function, command vehicles;

  • New giant ship;

  • New gun turrets;

  • New City Forcefield effect;

  • Paratroopers added into the game.

——Improvements and changes:

  • Optimized bullet performance. (I don’t know either I’m just here to translate);

  • Enriched gunshot effects;

  • Optimized AI threat system.


  • Synchronized player actions (jump, jet);

  • Optimized enemies’ synchronization (position and movement).

——Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the option menu didn’t save changes (player feedback *);

  • Fixed an issue where exploding barrels did not deal damage to enemies (player feedback *);

  • Fixed SMG gun animation freeze (player feedback *);

  • Fixed an issue where treasure boxes would not fall after spawning in the air when a survival level was cleared (player feedback *);

  • Fixed an issue where the Treasure box could not be opened from the front (bonus stage) (player feedback *);

  • Fixed an issue where the mouse wheel would change weapons 20 times in a row only to end up with the SAME F*CKING WEAPON LIKE HOW HARD IS IT TO [contact lost] (player feedback *).

  • The Feedback window now pauses the game in the background, allowing players to type without running into a wall or jumping everywhere. (player feedback * player feedback * player feedback * player feedback * player feedback * player feedback * player feedback * player feedback * Sorry, thanks for telling us, using other ways).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.

**More improvements and fixes will be added to the list above on the day of the release.