11/13 Update 39 preview, Civil War, Little Cannon

Alpha 39 - 2020/11/13 UTC 6:00 AM
Temporary changelog:
——New features:

  • New “civil war” Conquest scenario (No it’s not America);

  • The giant Mecha can now create craters;

  • The giant mecha can now destroy your city and dreams.

  • New item, Little Cannon.

——Improvement and optimization:

  • Optimized the “red moon” effect when a boss appears (A new twilight chapter by Stephanie Meyer);

  • Optimized multiplayer online network synchronization (Maybe? You won’t notice anyway);

  • Optimized the numbers experience (damage balance) of Giant in the plains mode (player feedback *) (Yes I specifically remember the feedback, “Please make the numbers more optimized”);

  • Lag optimizations (player feedback *).

——Bug fixing:

  • Fixed an issue where the treasure chest dropped after a boss kill / stage end would not fall from the sky (player feedback *)(I feel ashamed writing that for like the fifth time in a row);

  • Fixed an issue where SMG special attack speeds up when jumping (player feedback *)(YO! WHO SNITCHED???);

  • Fixed a problem where winning in Giant in the plains would make the rodent disappear mouse cursor invisible (player feedback *).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements you're not reading this anyway and fixes based on feedback coming from players.

**More improvements and fixes might be added banana to the list above on release.