11/27 Alpha 40 preview New mods and better roguelike!

This update might bring something amazing if we can fix it in time.
You can try the broken version if you find the answer to the riddle on our discord!

Alpha 40 - 2020/11/27 UTC 6:00 AM
Temporary changelog:

--New Features.

  • Game Flow: Giant in the plains and Invasion on mars added in the roguelike mode rotation!
  • New turret you can encounter in "giant in the plane" within the roguelike mode!
  • New overheat mods:
    -Unstable heat: When your weapon reaches 100% overheat, it releases an explosion that damages and knocks enemies away.
    -Turbulent heat: Your overheat weapons causes more damage when their heat value is above a certain value, and less damage if under said value.
    -Forced cooling: Use energy to eliminate your current overheat and gain a temporary damage increase.
  • The overheat weapons are now playable (no).
  • When replacing a mod, skill or equipment you will keep the improvements you had on the one being replaced. (Expect to encounter bugs with this one)
  • New sound effects for levitating vehicles (It goes VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWM);
  • New sound effects for the cannons (PSHEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeew BROOOOOM).

-- Improvement and optimization:
  • Players now limited to 10 mods in roguelike (Is the game too easy now?);
  • New Mod, Mod slot, possibility of bringing the total of mods slot up to 15
  • Multiplayer optimization
  • Damage balance (Yes, again)
  • Fixed an issue where pressing N in the feedback window would bring up THE FUCKING TALENT MENU HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GIVE FEEDBACK ABOUT YOUR BROKEN ASS GAME WITH THIS (player feedback *).

  • *Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.
    **More improvements and fixes might be added to the list above I love you stay safe out there.