11/27 Update 40: New mods, New Roguelike, 10 mods limit and feedback window fix

HELLO My dear EFAS player
did you enjoy the last version? Did you play the hidden version after solving my 200 IQ riddle? Did you find any bugs? (Game bugs not the insectoid creatures) What games are you playing? What are you wearing? What’s your social security number? Come answer all these questions on discord!


In this version we’ve added the conquest maps Invasion on mars and Giant in the plains in the roguelike mode map rotation so nOW YOU’LL BE FORCED TO PLAY THEM HAHAHAHAHAHA.
Did you knew? (typo on purpose, don’t @me)
We have overheat weapons in the game, you probably encountered them and felt they were a bit lack luster, well fret not! We’ve added 3 mods that affect them directly!
Unstable heat:
When your weapon reaches 100% overheat, it releases an explosion that damages and knocks enemies away.
Turbulent heat:
Your overheat weapons causes more damage when their heat value is above a certain value, and less damage if under said value.
Forced cooling:
Use energy to eliminate your current overheat and gain a temporary damage increase.
About mods… We’ve limited the number of mods you can equip to ten. Before you insult us (or after), the reason we did this is because it increases difficulty and makes it harder to become overpowered too early as well as allowing you to build your character instead of picking everything up! And there is a new equipment to allow you to increase the number of mods you can carry up to 15!
Furthermore to lower the impact of this change any upgrades done to your equipment will carry over to the piece you replace it with!
You had a very small crew on Invasion on mars and it didn’t feel right so we gave you a new unit: Sergeant Hugh Lasertower. He’s pretty chill to hang around with.
Further more we’ve added some new sound effects for the overbike (VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWM) and the cannons(PSHEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeew BROOOOOM)!
AND THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS, the feedback window works! I promise!

The Multiverse Team