11/29/2019 Update 14

Hi EFAS players and followers:

As always, thanks everyone for your continuous support and feedback about each version of the game. This time we've improved the matchmaking system so that you can easily play with people you don't know, because we know that stealing the drops of your friends is not funny enough! It's way better to torment people you don't know, it always helps to make some new "friends", right! There is also a super interesting special attack for the Crossbows, I'll not say much but it's time for you to show your skills 
And! We finally! Added! A SUPER BOSS! You will have to fight through several levels to get to know him, but be aware, it might not be a very cordial meeting!
We hope that you will continue to enjoy the new content and we also hope that you will give enough feedback so that our QA team and Game Designers can finally lose as many hairs as our Developers. By the way, we are making a lot of changes story-wise so you might find out some new weird stuff popping sometimes. The game name will change in the near future, but we will tell you more in the next updates!

Let's look into what else you can expect in this update:


Alpha 14 - 2019/11/29 - 06:00 UTC

——Brand new features:

Boss - Added Heracles;

Added "Mortification" Chip
Added "Silver Bullet" Chip

Added matchmaking mode;
Added Private Room function;
Loot can now be pinged;
Loot is now visible to other players.

Crossbows now have a special attack.

——Improvements and changes:

Weapons - SMGs and Crossbows now have better muzzle flash effects;
Standard Attributes - Attribute system overhaul;
Chips - Improved the "Blasting Genius" Chip;
DNA System - Modified the DNA system;
Balancing - Difficulty curve of the game has been modified (Players Feedback*);
Performances - Optimised game frame-rate and frame-drops (Players Feedback*);
Scenes - Brachium Sector Seven has been temporarily removed from the game.

——Bug fixes:

Fixed an issue where players were unable to rejoin a session after losing connectivity (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the shotgun special attack were unable to trigger Destruction and Weakened effects (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the ACC Simian Trooper would have the Thorned affix (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the ACC Simian Trooper would be immortal and where the barrel of the Acc Simian Kamikaze would not disappear after dying (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where after the radioactive dust was triggered, players could open their inventories to recover shield hit points (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where "Illusionist" ACC boss duplicates could spawn in additional standard enemies (Players Feedback*);
Fixed an issue where the "Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon" chip didn't display its name correctly (Players Feedback);
Fixed an issue where "Guided Missiles" chip did not trigger (Players Feedback);
Fixed an issue where after defeating the boss, no loot was dropped or portal spawned (Players Feedback*).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.