Alpha 2-3 Update!

First of all we want to thank everybody for the feedback we received! Only listening to our gamers we can create the best games.
Based on user feedback from the pre-beta we realized that FPS+RPG combination might not be the player's favorite and most anticipated gameplay style. There are a lot of games on the market in this genre, which makes our game not as special as we want it to be. That’s why we regrouped and made some crucial changes to the game adding more random events. In the future, we plan to make the map more exploratory. Which will transform the game into a more exploratory Rogue-like first person sci-fi game.
The Future Features
Maps and environments will be more challenging and unpredictable, exploring the same map two times will feel a little different each time, to keep you interested and tickle your sense of exploration, enemies will put your regular NPCs to shame, every time you change location or return to the previous don’t expect the same outcome or same enemies, Earth From Another Sun will keep you on your toes.
5-31 Demo Update
1- Currently player can only equip 10 different chips (extra chips will not be picked-up);
2- Identical chips can be indefinitely stacked (increased effect);
3- Completing the area will switch to the next random area (currently only one is available);
4- Changing area will increase the "Rank", much more enemies will be spawned and they will be tougher.

New props and chip systems:
Atm you can only carry one type of med kit, and one type of tool. Future updates will bring various types of meds and tools.

You can carry up to 10 types of chips.

Shield: When you get an energy shield item, press "G" to cast the energy shield. Right click to cancel

Grenade: When equipped with high-explosive grenade, press "G" to throw the grenade.

Changing area will increase the "Rank", much more enemies will be spawned and they will be tougher.

The animation color of the hit that will not break the shield was changed to blue.
The damage animation color that will break the shield is red, and there will be a clear visible effect.