Execute Update 66


Update 66 rolled out, go and wreck it!

New stuff

  • New, animated main menu background!
  • 8 Planets now accessible in total!
  • Colonies and Fortresses have been added:
    Space stations cannot be conquered directly but can be ransacked (doing so will lower their prosperity level). Space stations are now dependent on the colony/fortress they are attached to. Conquering the colony/fortress a station is attached to grants control over the station.
  • The rewards for conquering a certain territory are now displayed to allow you to make the best decisions
  • NPCs of rival factions can now attack you
  • Popups will appear each in-game month to tell you how much you earned through your territories
  • Your companion will now follow you in towns
  • You can dismiss any NPC from your forces (except your companion)
  • Stores will now display their restock cooldown
  • Items will now display their selling and purchasing price
  • NPCs can join factions
  • Reaching a certain affinity with NPCs allows you to integrate them into your team
  • NPCs now have personality traits influencing their stats (up to 4 randomly assigned out of a pool of 40)


  • [Requested by players] Your adventure will now always start near a planet
  • [Requested by players] It is now possible to return to the previous screen when using the NPC interface
  • [Requested by players] Your faction's power level now takes your character’s and follower's equipment into account
  • NPC fleets will now orbit planets before leaving


  • NPCs fleet movement will now be the same for clients and the host in multiplayer
  • NPCs holographic projections will now appear normally in multiplayer
  • [Player found bug] Custom faction logos will now display properly on ships
  • [Player found bug] It is no longer possible to duplicate equipment using the companion inventory in multiplayer
  • Your companion’s inventory will now update instantly in multiplayer
  • The date will now be the same for all players in multiplayer
  • Non-host players can now decide to start a battle
  • Non-host players will now follow the host in all encounters
  • [Player found bug] Non-host players will be able to start a game in single player normally after leaving a multiplayer session
  • Non-host players are always able to land on planets and space stations
  • Starbucks 3D model in rifts will now always disappear upon pick up
  • [Player found bug] Cancelling another player’s trash recycling will not soft-lock the game anymore
  • Buff icons will not display when the buffs aren’t active
  • The radar will now function correctly when using a mech
  • Non-host players are now unable to move during the victory screen
  • The bow will not rupture your eardrums playing their overheating SFX in a loop
  • The Acid Spitter will now always fire from its muzzle and not your head (oops)

Multiplayer should perform much better, we'll play it a bunch in the next few days so if you wish to play with us come and find us on discord.gg/EFAS !

Anthony, Freeman, and Yoko