June 09th 2021 Update 54: She's getting ready

On the feedback

As usual I read through everything you wrote in our forms or on our discord.
We are building an in-game manual for the next patch as we don't have a tutorial yet!



  • You can now grab your territory on efas.multiverseinc.com with your game key!
  • New battlefields, Alien Farm and Floating Battle field (gaseous planets) all with their own BGM!

  • Waifu V0.1! While different in your unit management interface it currently uses the base soldier skin while we are producing a high quality model for her (higher quality than regular town NPCs) . She cannot die and has higher stats than regular units.

  • An icon bearing your colors will now be displayed to prevent losing your ship when zooming out as well as differentiate you in multiplayer.

  • Space stations are now conquerable.

  • The NPC helping you recruit soldiers has been replaced

  • Planet information expanded! Hover over a planet to read more!

  • Due to new war regulations allies will now shoot blue bullets while enemies fire red bullets. Each unit also needs to use a holographic display showing their allegiance above their head.

  • Ships can now be destroyed in battle they will also fire!

  • Spawn rates of secret levels, mining and recycling spots, space stations and space pirates have been adjusted. Their respective item pools and the loot/appearance rate of items have also been modified

  • The Comrade in arms program is opened!


  • The camera will not be locked face down on the ground dying

  • Less fog should appear when entering a battlefield

  • Matchmaking can now be closed without closing the game

  • Space stations will no longer stack

  • Planets will no longer turn invisible after a battle