Update 37 New survival grading system, the devs will now suffer less!

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Alpha 37 - 2020/10/16 UTC 6:00 AM

——Brand new features:


  • The survival stages loot system has been overhauled. Enemies now only drop Starbucks, a scoring system has been implemented granting you a certain number of chests depending on how many enemies you kill in the allocated time. No more framedrops because of loot!(Players feedback);
  • Special effects everywhere: New explosions effects (not 8bit anymore), corpses can explode(with one single bullet) and send bits flying, more combat effects as well as a new fog/volumetric system for the "Giant in the plains" mode (it gets thicker as the battle goes on).

——Improvements and changes:




  • The hoverbike will now knock enemies further at full speed;
  • Items loot system overhaul, items already in your possession will no longer drop (only in single player).

  • Fixed a balance issue where the boss "Loving Martha" was healing herself too quickly for players to be able to damage her (player feedback *).;

  • Numbers are now more reasonable.

——Bug fixes:


  • Fixed multiple multiplayer issues (Players feedback *);
  • Fixed an issue where using "TAB" would pop up an input window along the inventory (Players Feedback*);
  • Fixed a bug where preloaded graphics assemblies would become invalid and cause problems (Players Feedback*).

  • Fixed an issue where materials in the store would not show any information (Price, name and quantity) (Players feedback *);

  • Fixed an issue where certain mods were displaying the name of other mods (player feedback *).

*Players feedback refers to the improvements and fixes based on feedback coming from players.