Update 51 MOMENTUM FIX 04/30/2021

We changed the way jumping works so it will carry your momentum instead of going where you look! (using the jetpacks will give you full air control like before)!

Do we really care about the rest? Here it is anyway:

  • Option menu and pause UI completely overhauled
  • Adventure events will now display correctly and grant their intended rewards. The logic behind them is not implemented yet, you can receive an adventure prompt with you character in prison while you aren’t
  • Fate encounters added! Mini levels with rewards, similar to roguelike
  • Your username will now be visible next to your ship
  • Modified the ships propulsion effects to look “More good”
  • The NPC’s name tags size has been reduced *
  • The dialog option pop-up will now disappear when interacting with an NPC *
  • The NPC’s head tracking angles have been reduced so they can’t go all horror movie-like on you
  • Your jump's height in town has been reduced and your jetpack deactivated.
  • Picking up items after recycling in space will be easier*
  • New ship models added
  • Adjusted the tracking of some interaction popup for better clarity
  • Slight UI modification in the purchase interface to improve readability
  • Town icons will now track the NPCs accurately
  • You will not be able to change the policy of a planet you didn’t conquer
  • Your jetpack will now let you fly in battlefields like it’s supposed to, never buying Famasian tech again
  • Your fleet will not go on strike each time you leave a planet, allowing to move freely*
  • Your fleet’s inventory will no longer eat your food and fuel*
  • The projectiles fired from your bow will no longer disappear before hitting the target. Seriously how did you guys notice that, the weapon is so garbage I didn't notice the difference*
  • Your fleet will now behave properly and not eat your whole food stock and starve to death 3 seconds after you enter conquest *

*Reported by our dear players

Hope you all have a wonderful time playing this alpha for the whole 2 minutes it'll work before crashing,

We love you,
Anthony and Freeman.