Update 52 05/14/21 Walk the plank!

Alpha 52 is out!

A foreword:

We get feedback on the discord and we recently included a survey feature in the game for you to give us feedback on specific parts and you did, we had a ton of feedback and we are very grateful.
I don’t always answer on discord but I always read!

Answer to the Feedback:
-Ability to change our keys: We will implement the ability for you to change your input settings, at least in a text file if not in the UI in the next update. (implementing Full controller support will take us more time)
-More exploration in the maps: Message received we will create maps that reward exploration. We also had plans for exploration type fate encounters and they will be prepared soon.
-Sound options (sliders for music, voice and sound effects): This will be added after we finish choosing the best audio solution for the game (we might go with Criware)
-More weapons/mods: We’re on the same page! We do however want to implement all the main features and rules for conquest before working on that!
-The loading times are pretty short. Except the one when opening the game: That’s true the first one can be pretty long, we are looking into that.
-How do I use the units I obtained? : When entering a battle, you army should automatically be composed of a mix of all units in your armada. Unfortunately, due to an annoying bug it only deploys the base soldier unit. We are trying to fix it without breaking everything, it’s taking some time.(edited)

Update 52!!!

New conquest features:

-Pirates now roam the galaxy!
-Your fleet will now have a power level, deciding the outcome when fighting pirates
-Space stations have been added to the galactic map
-Flying too close to the sun (or face-checking it) will now destroy your fleet
-Defeat and starvation events added
-Fate encounters, pirate battles and invasions will now grant rewards on completion
-New city map, the Sky Palace
-You can now mine asteroid belts
-Taxation without representation: Conquered planets will now periodically gift you a monetary tribute, voluntarily of course
-Ships will now display their class and name


-The music in some scenes have been replaced
- Interrupting the healing animation with a weapon switch will no longer prevent you from using skills
-The scale of the galactic map has been overhauled
-The settings menu has received more love
-The galactic map’s camera has been modified for a smoother experience