Update 55: The big ass mech

New Features:


  • Navias, pirate secret bases you can raid!
  • Hatcheries, a good start to rid the universe of the Pem menace
  • The huge mecha is now in the conquest mode and can be used in battles! (it also doubles as a ship!)
  • New hotel NPC to help you and your damaged units recover!
  • New NPC that can give you a buff!



  • The orbit information on planet selection was modified
  • Every interactable items on the galaxy map will now display they are selected clearly




  • Rifts are now a single stage instead of three
  • The jetpack fuel efficiency system has been updated to allow you to fly longer
  • The number of space stations, space junk, mining points and rifts have been adjusted, the items they net as well as their prices have been modified to feel more rewarding


See you soon my friends! 

Love, Anthony and Freeman