Update 56: Saving and equipment!

It's finally here!

  • Things are coming along nicely and exciting things are coming! The game is shaping up more and more and we can't wait to release more content!

  • Your equipment will no longer change every time you start an activity, you can now choose your equipment. (melee weapons and armor pieces are not available yet.) Everything you gather in rifts, navias or hatcheries will remain in your backpack.

  • Sustaining high damage and requiring an emergency extraction will make you lose the contents of your backpack (not your equipment)

  • A previous NPC is back to sell you equipment

  • You can now save your progress (will not remember your location in a rift)

  • You can now rob merchant ships

  • 2 New types of treasure ships are available for you to plunder. Normal chests can be opened easily while event chests will require you to answer a question.

  • New ship class for your first ship

  • The inventory and equipment HUD have been completely overhauled

  • The color scheme of the galaxy map has been overhauled

  • Some NPCs animations were modified

Remember to take care of yourself friend!

Anthony and Freeman,
your secret lovers.