Update 57: The bridge

A wild update appears!


We did release 2 updates in a week instead of waiting 2 but it was ready so why not release it?

  • New equipment added (for the head, chest, arms and feet)

  • You can now visit the interior of your ship!

  • New ore model

  • The feedback function can now capture screenshots (it will automatically send your logs in the future as well)

  • The HUD will now display the time on the galaxy map

  • New rifts special effects

  • The hatcheries are now animated

  • Potions, stun grenades and deployable shields are now available

  • Elements in the galaxy have been resized and their positions adjusted

  • New FPS HUD and radar!

  • Ships flying speed adjusted

  • The Max FOV is now 120 (previously 90)

  • Talent system removed ( triple jump, jet pack and dash are now basic abilities)

  • Shops should now have much more fuel available

  • You can now enjoy more than one Bipedal Mech when waging war

Enjoy this update and have fun my friends!

-Anthony & Freeman