Update 58: Create your own mini adventures!

Hello everyone!
First of all, the bug forbidding some players from entering conquest is fixed!
What else does this update bring you ask?

  • The bridge now incorporates your fleet’s inventory, fleet management and army management.
  • It will also warn you of incoming danger (sound and flashing red lights)
  • The multiplayer menu’s UI has been overhauled
  • SOUND OPTIONS YO! (Everything except music and music, more options will come in the future)
  • You can now create custom adventure events in game!
    Choose the main story, options and rewards. You can add images by uploading them to imgur.
  • The UI has been simplified further and has new keyboard shortcuts (They are displayed on the button)
  • Legendary pirates are coming! Be careful
  • Since the bridge can be used to access all menus, they are now absent from the galactic map HUD.
  • NPCs shouldn't bug anymore