UPDATE 59: Balance is restored

Hello everyone! The tutorial is finally here!

Patch content:
  • Sound effects for hovering, clicking, scrolling, zooming, opening chests, collecting minerals, landing, battles, popups, win, loss, equipment, purchasing, and dialogs have been added

  • The fuel and food system has been completely revamped!
    They will be consumed less rapidly and each space station and planet will allow you to refill when
  • We have added a video tutorial to improve your understanding of the game! (in the future this will be replaced by an in-game tutorial.)

  • New fleet flag interface!

  • Pirates will now stop chasing you if you flee long enough

  • Some elements of the star map have been modified to create a better atmosphere

  • New capsule model

  • Network stability improved in multiplayer

  • The shop system has been overhauled, shops will have more goods, every space station will have a shop and the price of items have been adjusted for a better experience

  • Balance adjustments for battles

Bug fixes:

  • Fleets will now display their correct power level
  • Pirates will no longer surrender at the start of a battle
  • Giant mechs will join battles as intended
  • Ships will no longer be invisible in your inventory
  • Enemies can no longer spawn with all affixes
  • Failed events will no longer bankrupt you
  • The volume settings in the menu and in-game will now be the same