Update 61: Let there be sound!

Hello everyone!


  • Nearby space stations will now blink in blue if in your radar range, red if outside of it to ease navigation and facilitate access to quests
  • New ship! The Soaring Sparrow /Soaring Dove / Soaring Eagle / Soaring Phoenix -AI Battle mode added in the main menu Creation Tools, choose the units for each side and watch the chaos that ensues!
  • All faction logos replaced
  • A TON of new sound effects (so many we can't list them)
  • The game will now warn you that your save file needs to be deleted after the update
  • Non-host players can now fly the ship as well
  • Interacting with objects on the spacemap will now be done from the ship's bridge via a holographic display -Potions are not consumable items, they now are cooldown based like all other items
  • Pirates have new dialog options

  • You will not return to your spawn point after surrendering -Fixed an issue causing you to not be able to use your guns/skills after landing
  • The game will not consider you as a mech after you used one and went back to your ship, allowing you to steer it as usual.
  • You cannot buy a ship using 2 slots when 9/10 slots are used
  • Fleets will not split into groups controlled by either the mouse or the keyboard anymore

Anthony and Freeman