Update 65: She's finally here!

Characters :
*Barbara, our first companion, finally has her own 3D model and animations!
* New panel on the second floor to see your relationships with NPCS as well as their power level!
* NPCs head to see the details page and see their latest actions
* Using the panel, you can actively communicate with NPCs; (Dialog only as of now)
* You can assign NPCs to hold strongholds in space stations for you
* Maintaining a good relationship with an NPC will allow you to trade with them
* Having a bad relationship with an NPC will push them to attack you
Space stations:
*Space stations are now explorable in a new 3D environment
* New fleet dispatch rules; space stations will deploy its fleets according to its current development strategy (Full Economy / Full Military / Balance)
* Attacking the fleets of a space station will taint your relationship with its occupant. The prosperity level of a space station will drop after being conquered.
Other additions:
*You can now upload a picture to use as your faction logo on the Create faction screen (Needs a URL)
Optimization and fixes:
*Your Starbucks pick-up range has been extended, the Starbucks pickups now have different rarities and can now yield more Starbucks.
*Your ships will now display weapon info
*A few radar icons have been reworked
*The radar will now display where to go to report your progress on a quest
*It is now impossible for two players to be recycling or mining the same spot at the same time
*Item stacking - Improved iterative item stacking
*The mission UI panel will now show a picture of the NPC that gave you the quest
*Picking up items will not obstruct your field of view anymore
*Space station’s descriptions are now correct and include all buildings.
Please enjoy this version and spam our forms with feedback!
Anthony, Freeman, and Yoko