Update 67: The galaxy strikes back

Hello everyone!
We have some exciting stuff in store for this patch so without further ado let's get in the patch note!

New additions

  • Parasitic Meteors: Sentient infected meteors will now chase you throughout the galaxy. If they touch you a flurry of Pems will crawl aboard your ship.
  • New skill: Nano-spheres! These spheres are made out of thousands of nano-fireflies attacking nearby enemies while healing nearby allies. You can control the swarm by pressing it's assigned key.
  • Only one of each skill can be equipped
  • Attacked factions will now prevent entries to their territories and fortresses. Their guards can be bribed to gain entry.
  • Icons have been added above enemy units
  • Companions and other players will have their names displayed during battles
  • More skills and items can be used by allies and companions
  • New allies now have weapons when joining your team
  • Main quest overhaul
  • Side quests have been added
  • You can now use gifs as your faction emblem [Requested by players]
  • Space station can now be destroyed
  • Navias now have a dedicated map
  • Skipping a dialog will show a prompt asking you if you wish to skip
  • New colony 3D model


  • Saving will now be faster
  • Soldiers can now be sold and bought without issues
  • NPC character traits that are in opposition (example: “strong” and “weak”) will not be given to the same NPC anymore
  • The power level difference between you and opposing forces will be more evident
  • Enemy grenades will now explode on contact
  • Combat unit models size have been adjusted
  • Companions’ hitboxes are now deactivated in towns [Requested by players]
  • Companions will no longer bear weapons outside of combat
  • Companions’ inventories will now function as intended

Anthony, Freeman and Yoko.

Will you be able to survive the meteors?