Update 68: Shields UP!


Here is our 68th update and I can remember last Christmas' update very vividly, more so than others. How far we've gotten in a year, I am proud of our little team.
But enough self-congratulating for today, let's see that list:

Main changes:

-New unit, the Shield master!

-Barbara covered more skin since it can be cold in space.

-Multiplayer companion names will now show who they are the companion of.

-Strongholds will now react differently depending on your hostility level.

-Crucial event notifications will now be displayed in and off battle.

-New NPCs stories have been added.

-You can now receive mission rewards directly from the mission board.

-Some quests will have a time limit.

-Quest will be rendered void if the NPC that gave it dies.

-Turrets have new particle effects.

-3rd person vehicles received camera improvements.

-Creative tools can be accessed from the bridge.

Player requested changes: You peeps are the real heroes!

-Enemy vehicles will now be easier to differentiate from yours.

-All players can now interact with the same interface simultaneously.

-Camera orientation in space is now consistent between loadings.

-Loadings show the progress percentage.

-Starbucks pickup now shows the picked up quantity

-Event randomization rules have been updated to prevent an event from repeatedly occurring.

-Multiplayer fleet movement is now smoother.

-Multiplayer companion names now show who they are the companion of.

Other changes:

-Strongholds now react differently depending on your hostility level.

-Turrets’ range have been modified.

-The interface to choose exosuits has now a different icon.

-The interface to choose exosuits is turned off until the feature is ready to avoid confusion.

-The 2D scene for space station has been removed and will be replaced by a new system soon.

-The load of the AI on your processor has been reduced.

-Saving will now be even faster!

Enjoy this update Ho-Ho-Ho,

Anthony, Freeman, Yoko and Santa