Update 69: Nice!

A69 is ready to welcome your examination! In this update, we proudly present a much demanded and long-awaited feature, the ability to command your troops, and move them into formations!

Some troop types will have extra capabilities when they move into formation. For example, the Combat Nurse and the Shieldmaster both raise their shields in a defensive stance when they enter formation, greatly increasing the defensive ability of your army.

As with all new feature introductions, this feature still needs polish and will be greatly improved in upcoming versions.

There are also a number of other cool features and content added in this new version! Read on below to find out what's new:

New Additions:

  • 4 New skills have been added!:
    1. Rick Ochet’s (Bouncing grenade)
    2. Portable Guided Missiles (enough said)
    3. Mini-HAARP (thunderstorm AoE)
    4. Energy Rift (horizontal light beams, will be renamed in the near future)

  • Players can now give commands to their army and set up formations!

  • The star system has been separated into zones, each with a level associated with it, ranging from 1 to 60. The higher the level, the more difficult activities in a zone will be.

  • You are now able to level up as well, gaining max shield and health on each level up (but there's no skill tree or talent tree as of now yet, those are coming soon).

  • Our oldest battlefield, the grasslands, has received a total overhaul. It now boasts a bunch of obstacles and is no longer flat!

  • Space Colonies now have a dedicated 3D environment.

  • Custom emblems can now be saved and shared with other players. You also have the ability to like or report player uploaded emblems.

  • NPC activities are now displayed in the bottom left corner of the HUD.

  • Defeating pirates now improves your relations with nearby factions.

  • The affix Blitz has a new special effect.

  • Tanks now fire a continuous laser beam.

  • When reporting a bug you now have the option to leave us your email or discord handle to allow us to contact you for further information.

  • Simple tutorials on the different ship functionalities have been added.

  • After a battle, the health of players (not troops) will automatically be fully recovered. [Players’ Request]

  • The radar is now easier to read and shows the position of other players.

  • Mission details are now displayed when accepting one.

  • Barbara (the player's companion) has new animations.

  • AI pathfinding and aiming have received improvement.


  • Factions will not suddenly hate you anymore.

  • Forts and colonies 3D models will not suddenly disappear when interacting with them.

  • Treasure chests will not be empty anymore.

  • Your companion’s inventory SFX will now play as intended.

  • It is not possible to purchase more ships than available slots anymore.

  • Turrets will now target players as intended.

  • The alarm will now ring when a parasitic meteor is close by.

  • Lights in certain environments are fixed.

  • Fuel and food rewards will now be granted correctly.

  • Fuel and food icons will now be displayed properly.

  • All players will now see the original price of items in multiplayer.

Anthony, Freeman and Yoko