Update 71: I see you

Hello everyone! Update 71 is here, bringing you QoL improvements, battleground objective reworks, and more!


New, ultra cool features:

  • You can now see the fleets of other people playing the game! This is the first step in making EFAS a more social experience. (You see other players playing single player)
  • Your faction emblem is now displayed within your ship! (players’ request)
  • The speedometer is now present on the galaxy map allowing you to change your speed and see alerts without returning to the bridge. (players’ request)
  • Maintaining ESC in towns will directly return you to the bridge.
  • A menu to check your proficiency levels has been added (second floor of the ship)
  • Your ship transport tube has been fixed and lets you change floors easily (elevator added to the ship). (players’ request)
  • Battles now have 2 objectives. A certain number of enemies must be defeated before being able to destroy their city's shield. (players’ request)
  • You can now rest in your ship to recover health after a defeat! (players’ request)
  • Mods and skills can now be refined and upgraded!
  • Autonomous NPCs are now displayed on the radar.
  • Elements on lower or higher floors will be grayed out on the radar.



  • Battlefield information messages will now display longer and 5 messages can be shown simultaneously.
  • The administrative AI now has different dialogs whether you control the location or not.
  • Improved melee attack special effects.
  • The ships' AI in battles has been improved.
  • The troops' battle formation AI has been improved.



  • Items will now display the correct icon.
  • Enemies directly under you can now damage you. 
    (discovered by players)
  • The ship purchasing cinematic will now display correctly. (discovered by players)
  • The battlefield information messages in multiplayer are now synced correctly.
  • The AI bipedal mech's missiles will now lock onto targets correctly.
  • Non-host players' HUDs will refresh correctly between battles. 
    (discovered by players)
  • Troops will not run in place anymore. 
    (discovered by players)
  • Enemies will not target players' dead bodies anymore.
  • Nanospheres will now work correctly in multiplayer.
  • The game will no longer soft-lock when surrendering against pirates.
  • Skills will now work correctly on subsequent uses.

Known issues:
  • DLSS will sometimes cause the camera to zoom-in during battles.
  • FSR will sometimes cause screen shakes.