Update 72: To prison we go!

Hello Commander!

This patch is a bit late, our apologies!
And this update is full of content! So without further ado let us dive in!

New features

  • Weapon proficiency system
  • New troops, the recruits!
  • Killing an enemy will create a pool of blood on the ground
  • 2 new skills:
    Orbital Beacon
    Missile Turret
  • 6 New weapon cores:
    2 SMG weapon cores
    2 Shotgun weapon cores
    2 Grenade Launcher weapon cores
  • Strongholds will send patrols to stop nearby enemies. The patrols’ strength will depend on the type of stronghold as well as their military power. Patrols and other fleets will flee opponents with a more powerful fleet.
  • Enemy fleets’ names will now appear in red
  • The alarm of your ship will now also trigger while using the captain’s chair to warn you of incoming danger.
  • When a fleet is attacked, a patrol will immediately be dispatched to deal with the assailant.
  • Fuel mechanic changes:
    The HUD will flash in yellow when under 30% fuel reserves and in red when reaching 5%, before automatically switching into eco mode.
    Players cannot switch flying modes while the fuel reserves are empty.
    Having no fuel does not leave you stranded but considerably slows you down.
  • New buffs have been added, depending on which type of food and fuel you use,
  • New types of mining and recycling spots
  • You can now open your inventory anywhere in the game
  • New keyboard shortcuts added:
    I to open the inventory
    L to open the mission log
  • When in multiplayer, players will be warned that another player is initiating a zone change and given a chance to cancel it before it happens.
  • New Shieldmaster [troop] shield effect
  • A prison system has been added, don’t get caught!
  • You can now take prisoners and trade them.
  • The game will now automatically determine the best video settings on startup
  • Multiplayer scaling has been revamped
  • Players will now lose their cargo after losing in battle
  • Pirate lairs can now only be found after their position was revealed by other pirates
  • New shooting sound effects!
  • NPCs with business info are now indicated on the map

Bug fixes

  • Players will not spawn far from Terra anymore.
  • Ships will keep their rarity after quitting and loading.
  • The on/off tutorial setting will now save correctly
  • Negative troop numbers are now impossible
  • Enemies won’t attack players’ corpses
  • Proficiency levels now save correctly
  • Non-host players now gain proficiency as well
  • NPCs sexual orientation was not supposed to be seen and is now hidden
  • Surrendering to pirates will not softlock the game
  • Mods will now work correctly