Update 73: Athena's Rise

Hello Commander!

Version 73 is here, with a new companion, a completely new main quest and more!

Let's see what else is here for you to enjoy!


  • New companion, Athena
  • Companions can now level up
  • Completely reworked main quest
  • New temporary introduction to the world
  • Anti-Aliasing options
  • New player inventory: Your character can now carry any item type in their own, separate inventory.
  • The cargo hold now functions on the same principle. Equipment and trade items are no longer separated.
  • Accepting a quest now opens a window explaining the details of the quest。
  • The upgrade station can now be opened everywhere
  • The upgrade station will now display your current wealth
  • You can now install a medical office and a prison on your ship. This will allow you to automatically heal wounded troops and hold prisoners
  • Exploding enemies will now leave appropriate remains
  • New sound effects for pems, tanks, medics, giant mecha, turrets and the bipedal mech!
  • Players in multiplayer can now watch the star chart while others are piloting
  • You can now intervene in battles to help any side you desire
  • The Upgrade Station has been revamped
  • The damage type and damage calculation of the tank turrets have been modified
  • Destroying a ship’s turret will inflict damage to the ship
  • Exploding vehicles now inflict damage to anyone nearby
  • Mining and recycling proficiency levels have been streamlined, 5 total levels, to allow for a better early game experience
  • The weapon proficiency system has a few issues, it is now inactive and is being reworked
  • You can now see other players’ health bar when dead
  • Hostile NPCs will not attack you before a certain threshold
  • Hostile NPCs will not attack more than once per in-game month


  • Thanks to the efforts of the FAMAS Empire, the number of parasitic meteors is now under control.
  • The FAMAS Empire has reprimanded their zealous patrol officers who will now be much gentler.
  • The cause for perpetually burning tanks resulting from tank explosions has been discovered!
  • Certain materials used in their construction and the atmosphere of different planets did not mix well when burning! Multiverse Corp has altered its construction methods so this does not happen anymore.
  • Modified vehicles using exosuit mods are now illegal under the 56th revision of the 2nd Geneva convention. (Mods will not trigger when using vehicles)

It was an honor to compile this for you commander!


Enjoy this update and take care,
Freeman, Yoko, and Anthony