Update 74: Fly my friend, Fly!

We pushed it as soon as possible as it fixes most issues!

MAIN FIX: The AI scaling too fast and making the game very hard. This was fixed by disabling scaling, each zone will have a set difficulty for now.

New Features:
  • The zones on the star map have been revamped [Player’s request]
  • Added effects when increasing proficiency levels, when health is recovered, and when an upgrade is unlocked.
  • Flying can now be unlocked in the upgrade station
  • All players can ask to change zones in multiplayer
  • We have added a pick up all option for quests and fight rewards [Player’s request]
  • You can now change your name when creating a game
  • Experience will now be given for all interactions (mining, recycling, battles…)
  • New vehicle explosion effects!
  • New spaceship propulsion effects!
  • New spaceship battle effects! (Impact, lasers, explosions)
  • New tutorial tasks will be unlocked as you level up

Revised features:
  • Revamped Weapon Proficiency System
  • Upgrades will show how much currency is needed regardless of if you can purchase it or not
  • Better inventory management
  • Revamped Medic AI logic [Support Troop], it will now use healing grenades, with a new special effect
  • Revamped Bipedal Mech [Vehicle] controls
  • Shieldmasters [Defense Troops] have been given a better shield that activates upon death
  • Revamped input settings
  • Players can now all choose to replenish the fleet’s reserves when leaving a planet [Multiplayer]

Bug fixes:
  • The church of currency set new standards to make creating fake currency much harder. [Putting items in your cargo bay will not grant you money anymore.]
  • Multiverse corporation revamped their Gaint Mech’s AI to prevent them from stomping on your own troops. This update has been deployed.
  • Multiverse corporation fixed their fuel consumption module to avoid ships changing speeds too abruptly
  • The electromagnetic storm that gave rocks magnetic properties has stopped. [Rocks will no longer stop bullets outside of their model, hitbox readjusted

And remember commander, we love you!
Freeman, Yoko and Anthony