Update 75: It's time to stop

Hello everyone, V75 is here with a lot of new places to visit!
Multiplayer is disabled. The feature is rarely used and takes a lot of time to maintain, we will focus our efforts on adding content and re-enable it later

New features:
  • Time will not go forward when the player’s fleet is not moving
  • New colony town
  • New space station scene
  • Players can now have multiple save files
  • The second floor of the ship as well as the cargo hold now need to be restored before being usable at the start of a game.
  • New special effects for artillery cannons, missiles, laser turrets, grenades, and recruits [unit type] weapons.
  • NPCs vendors now have limited credits
  • If an item can be added to a stack the stack will now light up to simplify inventory management
  • There are now trade announcements on the news board.
  • Beating an NPC will increase your goodwill with their enemies
  • The reason for any goodwill increase or decrease with a character can be read by hovering the icon
  • Enemies can now receive backup from other forces when fighting
  • Female NPCs clothes now come in more colors

  • The font color of certain UIs has been changed for better readability
  • The upgrade station will now recommend players what to purchase (best choice on the top)
  • Bipedal mechs and tanks have better crosshairs
  • Companions have better ragdolls on death
  • Players can now see if a shipwreck/mining spot can be exploited at a glance
  • Clipping through the floor during ship invasions will now respawn players
  • Consumables can only be used from players’ inventory (not the cargo bay)
  • Icons are now displayed on some dialog options to explain what they do
  • All equipment and vehicle statistics are now displayed with numbers
  • And many bug fixes!

Enjoy this update and have fun my friends!

Anthony, Freeman, and Yoko